It is originated as sedimentary formation of calcium carbonate, which is why dolomite powder is widely utilized in fertilizer industry. Further, the microns of our offered dolomite powder are compliant to highest industrial standards.

Madura dolomite powder


Bat guano is a highly effective fertilizer due to its exceptionally high content of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium: nutrients essential for plant growth

Madura Bat Guano


Crab shell is a source of chitosan, which is a polysaccharide. Chitosan is of benefit to neutralize toxicity of polluted water, a pivotal role for strengthening the emulsion system, binding water and fat, advancing the loaf volume of bread, and for binding food drying, purification of apple, beer, wine extracts, etc

Crab Shell Flake

EAST java banana

It tastes good and sweet. In addition, the durability of bananas is quite a long time, and it also looks good.

East java banana